Sunday, 22 February 2009


I can't believe I have actually taught myself to crochet - well, kind of. I have been meaning to do it for years, bur have always been baffled by it for some reason. I even hold the crochet hook like a knitting needle for a start. No matter how hard I look at the diagram in the 'how to' books, it just does not feel comfortable when I hold the hook like that!
Anyway, my first two attempts. Neither are particularly good, especially the first, but I can see a little bit of potential. Well you know what they say - practice makes perfect. I think I need to do quite a lot of it.
Now, what was the next thing? Oh yes! Crochet flowers...............................


Lavender hearts said...

I think they are brill, you should see my attempt on friday night! LOL. I'm just not getting it at all!

Raspberry Grace said...

They look fab! Can you teach me? I'm desperate! (total no hoper at crochet I am!)

Love, Rasp xx