Saturday, 13 December 2008


My Christmas preparations are now well under way - the tree is up and I am busy making extra decorations. My husband took the girls Christmas shopping today to buy my present, but no matter how hard I try they will not tell me what it is (although he did visit Boots)!! I will continue questioning.

While out shopping they also went ice skating which they seemed to enjoy immensely even though they did fall over once or twice - no serious injuries though I'm glad to say. When they arived home they assembled and decorated a gingerbread train. Something a little different from the usual gingerbread house.

While they were gone I did a little reading - I'm reading the Miss Read books at the moment, the Christmas editions, which are getting me more into the Christmas spirit. They remind me of life as a child as I come from a small village myself. I also made a victoria sandwich using my favourite recipe from My River Cottage cookery book. It involves weighing four eggs (yes, four),
and weighing the same amount of butter (which was nearly a whole pack), flour and sugar. It rises beatifully every time and tastes absolutly gorgeous, although not paticularly very healthy

But what the heck it's Saturday and it's nearly Christmas.