Sunday, 3 May 2009


Today we decided to have a car boot sale. We had been planning it for weeks and the kids wanted to make some extra pocket money. Kim was saving up for a new mobile phone so unlike any other morning she had to get out of bed early.

We arrived about seven o'clock and set up our stall. Of course we had the 'vultures' around first, but I just wanted to get rid of stuff and sold a freestanding mixer for £8 and a craft set for £4 which was worth about £40 new.

Kim made enough money to buy a new phone, but Kelly ended up spending what she made on a huge animal hospital helicopter and some books!

All in all it was a good morning, we came away with just over £100 between us, but I came worse off than all of them. I only made £15 and 2/3 of that went to pay for the space in the field!

However I did get some bargains - 2 pairs of curtains, brand new, still in their packaging and some lovely books, one named Hints and Tips From Times Past, which particularly looks interesting.


As promised a few weeks ago my Auntie bought me some cookery books that belonged to my nan, and look what I found inside - some four-leafed clover that I found as a child. I even remember putting them there! The clover must be at least 32 years old if not more!

The book, by the way, was published in 1936.