Sunday, 20 July 2008


I love plants but I am not very good at keeping them. However my orchids seem to be doing pretty well. The white one has 19 flowers! I do have a problem though - one of the leaves touched the window on a boiling hot day and has burnt it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do?


Finally, the study. This is my least favourite room - quite boring really (I'm more of a pink person).

I have made the cushions, curtains and lamp shade. The carpet is made from needlepoint, which I enjoyed doing.


The dining room forms a 'L' shape with the living room. The table is set and I still have a christmas tree in there for no other reason than I have no where else to store it!


Apart from the floor (which was made from craft paper) and the blind, most of the items in the kitchen have been bought.


The is the nursery with the dreaded knitted doll. The needles were so small that that the stitches kept slipping off. I must have had about 5 or 6 tries at it before making my mind up to actually finish it before going on to something else.

There is a knitted christening gown resting on the side of the cot. This was made on large needles and was much easier to handle.

The finials for the curtains were made from butterfly shaped beads 'borrowed' from my daughter's bead box.


The bedroom is another favourite room - the carpet and bedcover are cross stitched. I have also made the curtains but I am having some problem with fabric glue showing through the material.
The perfume bottles on the dressing table are made from beads. although these are not too clear in the photograph.


The bathroom is my favourite room - I love the flowery bathrrom suite. The bath mat was another cross stitching project.

I also made the blind for the window, although this is not very clear in the photograph.


This is the living room - I created this first. The rug took me ages - actually longer than the carpet believe it or not.
I also made the cushions and the lamp. The coffee table runner and mat on the side table are knitted.


This is my doll's house. It's not an expensive one - I wanted to see how good I was at it first. I may upgrade later on. I've been working on it for about 2 years now.

I have cross stiched all the carpets, rugs and bed covers. I have also hand knit the little rag doll - what a nightmare that was!