Monday, 20 July 2009

The First Day Of my Holidays!!

Today was technically the first day of my holiday - a whole month off - yes! I have planned to do lots of things during this time, namely taking the kids on a few day trips and going camping. I will also be doing a lot of planning for my new venture. I have already designed my flyers which I am going to deliver to some of the houses and businesses with the help of the kids (I see some extra pocket money being asked for, somehow). I will also be placing some on the notcice boards of local shops and at the community centre.

My intention was to start my new business in a couple of months time, after going back to work and then working my notice. However, I then realised that Christmas would be just around the corner, and I would be taking a hugh chance. Both in terms of getting any work or even ending up with no presents for anyone!! I have now decided to stick my job out until the end of December - if I can hold out that long! Then I am definatly going to make a break and go for it. In the meantime I will still be advertising and fitting in one or two people on my days off each week.

Well enough of my plans for now, I'm sure I must be boring you. Back to what I did today!

After finishing the housework, we went for a long walk up to Gwrych Castle. The building has been derelict for years, but a hotel company have bought it with the intention of renovating it. I think the recession has caught up with them though, as no work seems to be in progress. There are some lovely walks around there as it is set in the middle of woods. It was so peaceful and almost surreal. It reminds my of the derelict Narnia at the beginning of Prince Caspian! It seemed really weird when we were walking back home into the middle of town - you wouldn't believe this castle was only a few hundred yards away (I can actually see it from my landing window). Kim wanted to to walk up to the look-out tower, which is quite a way into the woods, but I was worried that we would get lost, and be away for hours!

When I was a child I lived in a little village called Llysfaen, and there was a large mansion (Plas-yn-Llysfaen) set in its own ground. Apparently an underground tunnel was supposed to run from the masion all the way to the castle, which was about 3 miles away. My grandmother knew the owner of this house and she told me that the owners' son had brought her back a mumified hand from Egypt (Yuk!) complete with a jewelled ring. When the owner moved out, children were caught playing football with the hand (minus the ring), and the police were alerted. However the ring was never found.

Well thats it for stories - I often wonder it was true. But I did once go in the property when it was empty and see a tunnel that was blocked off on the ground floor.........................