Saturday, 7 February 2009


As I have now finished crafting for for my Valentine Swap, I decided to spend the afternoon baking and cooking. As I am trying my best to cut costs I made chocolate cupcakes using cocoa powder for the chocolate flavouring - they taste just as good as using real chocolate. I made 18 about 3hrs ago and there are now 11 left!

I also made a huge Lemon Tray Bake (I bake them in my roasting tin) with a view to them lasting all week. Although this rarely happens with my kids around!

The best money saver today though has to be our supper. I made Tomato Pasta using a Jamie Oliver jar of pasta sauce. These are on offer at the moment at Tesco for only 89p a jar. I added a pack of spaghetti costing 49p and topped it all with a little grated cheese. There was more than enough to feed all 4 of us.

I then made pancakes for afters using ingredients from my store cupboard. This has to be the cheapest meal I've ever cooked - I'm now going to see if I can better this one next week!


Josie-Mary said...

Thanks for the award Jayne. I was planning on posting your swap yesterday but couldn't get to the post office... sorry. I'm off on Tuesday so I'll try again. Sorry it's cutting it really fine but I didn't fancy walking/slipping up the long hill yesterday!!! I'll keep an eye out next week for exciting!!! :) x

Pixiedust said...

Those cupcakes look really scrummy. Well done on the thrifty meal, I'd be interested to know how you make your tray bake, sounds delicious and would be great for hubby;s lunchbox. xxxx

Nanna Grace said...

Hello Jane! and thanks for the award!! These look scrumptious that i think i can smell them (ok--might be my hot chocolate setting next to me ) but there is No wonder why you ate 7 of them.