Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Kelly's Birthday

My daughter is horse mad, so I decided to do something different this year and booked a beginners trek. We hired the horses, Kelly invited a couple of friends and booked the party at the stables which had its own cafe.

The trek itself was really good - I even had a ride on a horse myself (a huge stallion that wouldn't leave the female next to it alone)!

But the cafe - Oh Dear! It was absolutely awful - and filthy!! How we got away without food poisoning I'll never know. I started drinking my coffee and there were bits in it - Ugh!

The kids seemed to enjoy it though - but next time we take our own food!!


Pink Milk said...

Hi Jayne! Nice to meet you, I'm Heather, aka PinkMilk! We've been paired for the Vintage Shabby Chic swap!

I'm going to have a little poke around your blog to see if I can get an idea of what you like.

My email address is pinkmilk@btconnect.com - let me have your address details etc and I can get back to you with mine.

Ooh, my daughter is the same age as yours - she'd so love a party like Kelly's! Bleurgh re the cafe though - don't blame you for taking a picnic next time. :-{

Heather x

Travis said...

Nice touch with the horse, you have some serious good points now I would say!