Sunday, 26 July 2009

Shell Plant Pots

The shells that we collected on the beach last week came to good use today, and I very cleverly roped my husband into helping my daughter to cover the plant pot. I asked him to strip the old plant pot of a couple of decorations that were one it, and just happened to mention that the new box of Polyfilla was under the sink! We had also bought a small collection of shells from a little kiosk on the prom to bulk ours out a bit, hence the starfish!

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Lori R. said...

I was going through my followers list and found you there... Did I miss you? I'm sorry.... I always like to acknowledge and thank people who follow my blog... I'm really sorry... but wait maybe I left a comment on your blog, minitures, I remember seeing pics of minitures.. I think sometimes I'm reading blogs too late at night and can't remember what I did. Brain fart!!!! Well, thanks for following, I have found you now and by the way, that pot is cute. Right up my alley in craftland... I'll stop by again!!!