Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Picnic On The Beach

I had promised Kelly a picnic on the beach today, but when we got up it was poring it down with rain. However I told Kelly if the weather improved after I had done the housework we could still go.

Sure enough it stopped raining, so off we went, even though it was still dull. We walked down to the beach, and guess what? We were the only ones mad enough to be there! It wasn't a bad day though, it certainly wasn't cold - and the picnic went down well.

Kelly enjoyed herself - we gathered a few shells which we are going to use to cover a plant pot. We also saw quite a lot of the sea-life. Apparently Pensarn Beach is a nature reserve as there are quite a few rare plants that grow along the coast. Such things as Sea Holly and Sea Radish, which I didn't even know existed.

We stayed for 3 hours until I had to tell her I had to be back to start the tea, otherwise I think we would still be there now!

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