Sunday, 8 March 2009


Monday 2nd March was Kim's birthday (she was 14). As it was a school day I said she could have some friends to sleep over at the weekend, so this is what she did last night. Not sure what time they went to sleep as I was asleep first! (My two are the two with the lighter hair).

She had some birthday money so she decided to buy a Wii Fit, which of course I had to have a go of! I'm still aching - but they are fantastic, well worth the money. This has nicely coincided with the fact that I started a diet last Tuesday. I'm not overweight but my BMI could do with lowering from 24 to about 22, which I hope to achieve in about 6-8 weeks.

The picture is of the girls after invading the kitchen and making ice cream soda! They stayed in their pyjamas until about 2pm, which is not normally allowed as I like them up and dressed straight away in the mornings, so this was a bit of a novelty.
My Auntie came this evening and let me sort through some craft items belonging to my Grandmother and my Great Aunt. I was told to take whatever I wanted, so tomorrow I will show you what I have got - lots of lovely vintage items!


Emma Loves Stitching said...

Sounds like you had fun this weekend, will be popping your swap in the post today!!

Have a good day

Emma ;)

rosanna said...

They are so pretty in their pjs, I'm sure they had LOTS of fun. My son is 14 as well and when he invites someone to sleep at home I give up any hope of seeing them asleep. But it is just what they have to do at their age.